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「 gavinnerism 」✼ GUILTY.love

➞ alli + aya + maru + mugen + chiisa = ♥

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icons, layout, profiles and random smexyness
welcome to GAVINNER [ISM], a graphics community maintained by ALLI | AYA | CHIISA | MARU & MUGEN. we provide ICONS , LAYOUTS and the random smexyness to make your lj life sparkly and badass.


comment & do not hotlink! credit is unnecessary - but
PLEASE DO NOT CLAIM THE ICON AS YOURS. textless icons are not considered as bases and editing is stricly prohibited.

the CREATOR or GAVINNERISM if using! minor edits are totally allowed but no self-claim and hotlink as usual, yes?


fancy our work and can't wait to check our updates? we strongly encourage you to WATCH us!


ALLI's icons shrugs off the complications of modern works and shoves away the misused textures. There's no need for shock and awe here. Her works are refreshingly bold yet simple--The tiny shimmer her work makes sparkle and peal like wind chimes swaying in the summer breeze.

AYA was raised by coral-nosed squirrels in the sun-drenched climes of Manila. They pretty much taught her everything about icon-making and the whatnots. Minimalistic splendor and apathetic coloring makes most of her works. The sparkly colors and the prettyful patterns  keep her happy and content.

There are points in time when people begin to interlace ideas--Neon colors over a soothing crop of hydrangeas or tomato stock topped with Faulkner quotes. Unnecessary improvements often lead to needless exertion; but CHIISA succumbs to no such ambition! Her works are succulently fresh and one doesn't need a good eye to know how well she uses that magazine texture over that pineapple stock!

MARU is a natural born Icon Superstar. She was hatched in Lithuania surrounded by a plethora of doohickeys known as image editing programs. On her thirteenth birthday, she shyly asked her parents for a pair of 1590s but received a tattered copy of Adobe Photoshop instead. When she isn't boogeying with raccoons and quetzals to the tune of Queen, she makes icons that can perk up even the most tedious of LJ accounts.

Why yes, people tend to revel over the limitless  aspirations of icon artists and what the future holds for them as they shin on muddy hills and leap across high walls of grandeur. But MUGEN gives no way to such things. Her works are no fripperies; she makes icons that is simmered with swanky crops, refined textures, no surfeits nor shortages. There is nothing she strains nor there is no point lost in her icons.


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LAYOUT. minty peach